Professional Interest Groups

The FCI have established Professional Interest Groups (PIGs) to assure that the strategy and decisions taken about professional policy for the FCI are aligned to the varying professions within the Faculty, as well as to be a respected and recognised national voice for informatics in each profession.

The PIGs provide the opportunity to:

  • peer support and network

  • contribute to the Faculty's work, ensuring projects reflect the profession's priorities

  • establish expert views and opinions on specific topics

  • provide representation on SIGs and other groups

  • input expertise into the development of national standards

  • offer professional guidance to the Faculty in developing educational opportunities 

  • raise the profile of clinical informatics work in each profession

  • grow the number of members within the Faculty from underrepresented professions.

PIG Membership

All FCI members of the relevant profession are invited to join a Professional Interest Group (PIG). Each group aims to have a core leadership team (around four-five members) who will:

  • agree the Terms of Reference

  • determine core activity and communication mechanisms for the group (this is achieved with admin support from the FCI).  

Groups will meet at least once a quarter.

Join a Professional Interest Group

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Nursing & Midwifery:

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Allied Health Professions:

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Healthcare Science:

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Digital Medicine:

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BCS and FCI Primary Healthcare Specialist :
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Setting up a PIG

If you are an FCI member and want to establish a PIG for a specific profession not listed above, please contact the FCI team.