FCI Associate Network being established

Co-founders Lou and Tejal introduce themselves and let us know about the Associate Network

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

We are both informaticians. Like many others, we landed by accident into this wonderful world of digital health. Between us, we have about four decades of ‘doing informatics stuff’. We know first-hand the wide range of jobs, roles, skills, enthusiasms and experiences that ‘doing informatics stuff’ takes - Joe McDonald (a recently elected FCI Council member!) says that a CCIO without a CIO is like one hand clapping. We agree whole heartedly and take that one step further – it takes a village to raise a digital project and we reckon the FCI is one amazing village, home to clinicians, technicians, negotiators, coders, communicators, business managers, finance people, analysts, academics and all the others that contribute to the safer care and improved outcomes that digital enables.

Lou is interested in reflexivity and the role of groups in adopting informatics stuff and Tejal’s ontologies lens is, at first glance, a different sort of informatics altogether. And yet we found ourselves working together on a regional data sharing project all the same. Across different settings, we believe the extensive and complementary skills amongst FCI Associates all play a role in formulating, adopting, sustaining the sort of incremental and transformative care offers that digital affords.

We’re really keen to get to know other Associates in the FCI village for some peer learning, inspiration and signposting making the FCI forum a rich space of ideas and resources for the novice to the expert informatician. So we’re taking the plunge and going first with a couple of very short videos about our informatics journeys where we describe those things we have worked on and never tire of having conversations about if you needed one. And we’d love to hear your story too – are you the person who might have a board paper template or knows about collaboration forums? Have you set up a quality circle or implemented an interesting research initiative? Or have you a burning interest to hear from a speaker at a future FCI event? Who knows what brilliance the village members have!

We’d love to know – please share your videos on the FCI Discourse channel and let us know your thoughts on the Associate group by completing this short survey:

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Lou & Tejal