Video for FCI webinar on Data Ethics and COVID-19 now available

On 7th May 2020, we held our fourth session in the current series to introduce the topic of data ethics and how this relates to uses (and reuses) of patient data. In particular, the webinar focused on some of the ethical considerations around new and emerging data practices relating to COVID-19.

The session was Chaired by Nick Booth, Hon Treasurer at the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, and was presented by Dr. Mhairi Aitken. Mhairi is Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University, whose research examines social and ethical dimensions of digital innovation particularly relating to uses of data and AI.

Mhairi gave a fascinating presentation which first gave an overview of data ethics principles before moving on to specific examples related to COVID-19, including sharing data with supermarkets, the data platform developed with Palantir, Google and Microsoft, and the digital contact tracing app. The session concluded with an interesting discussion, with questions around the adoption and benefits of the contact tracing app, transparency around data, and if there are non-medical examples that the healthcare profession could look to. 

You can watch the recording on the Faculty website in our COVID-19 Webinars section, and you can also watch it on the Faculty YouTube channel. Further webinars and content will be uploaded here in future, so make sure to subscribe!

We are in the process of finalising details for our next webinars, so make sure to check the Faculty website and socials for updates.

Many thanks to all who joined and participated, and particularly to Mhairi for presenting and Nick for chairing. You can follow Mhairi on Twitter @mhairi_aitken.