Early Careers Elevator Pitch Event - Blog by Dr Nav Paul


Nav is as a GPwER and Dermatology Fellow in London and passionate about revolutionising the design of healthcare systems. Her ambition is to pursue a career in Clinical Informatics by combining her knowledge, skills and clinical experience to co-create equitable and accessible digital solutions. She is currently involved in several research projects and has presented some of her ideas at The Turing Presents AI UK conference in March 2021. She is involved with the RISE project, a non-profit organization aiming to raise awareness of potential biases and inequalities across all technology sectors. Nav is an Associate Member of the FCI and Shuri Network and hopes to encourage people from all backgrounds to get involved in health-technology conversations that affect our future. 

It was an honour to be part of the of the first ever FCI Early Careers Group Elevator Pitch Event on 10th June 2021. The event kicked off with introductions and a quick explanation of the new style and webinar format. It was a fast-paced interactive session held via Microsoft teams. We were asked to deliver our pitches within 3 minutes to a live audience, who voted for their top selections for the FCI Rising Star Award. Despite the intensity, the event was fun and friendly, thanks to our hosts James and Shelaine. 

We heard about some fantastic digital health projects underway around the country, spanning an assortment of specialities. These included the development of a digital cataract service, adoption of genetic screening tools, early identification of child and adolescent mental health problems, reinventing the stethoscope through AI and championing computerised charts. My talk was about the importance of improving datasets in dermatology, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion for the future. All the speakers were NHS clinical informaticians from multi-disciplinary backgrounds involved in projects at various evolutionary stages. Our winner, Patrik, explained his brilliant idea of developing AI algorithms to synthesise diagnostic information through the acoustics of a stethoscope. 

It was a valuable learning experience for me, particularly as this was my first ever virtual pitch. Although it was a challenge to deliver the salient points in the timeframe, it meant there was a different energy to that of a typical presentation. The experience allowed me to practice navigating through technical difficulties that inevitably arise during live events. The Q&A session after each presentation was helpful, allowing the opportunity for people to engage with each other. It was a nice way to interact virtually and connect socially, as captured in this screenshot below.

I’m looking forward to the next one! 

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If you are interested in hearing the presentations, here is the link.