Feedback, reapplications and appeals

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Receiving Feedback

If an applicant would like feedback on why they were not offered the category of membership that they aimed for, they should email and assessment panel feedback will be provided to them. This is not the same as an appeal, however the applicant is welcome to appeal after they have received this information.


If an applicant does not achieve the membership category that they aimed for, they can complete a new application form and reapply next time a recruitment round opens.

In the meantime, the applicant is welcome to join the Faculty at the level of membership that they have been offered (e.g. Member rather than Fellow) and receive the associated benefits until the next recruitment round opens.

Before reapplying, the Faculty encourages applicants to thoroughly review their previous application, to request feedback as above, and to consult with someone who has experience of the process, such as an existing Fellow of the Faculty or a mentor. Please contact for guidance.


An appeal may be lodged where an applicant wishes to dispute the decision made by the assessment panel.

Applicants will not suffer any disadvantage or recrimination as a result of making an appeal. An appeal should be submitted using the Appeals Form to the Membership Manager at

Download the Appeals Form: 

Any submission must be made by the applicant personally, the Faculty will not enter into correspondence with any third party in relation to appeals.

Applicants will not suffer any disadvantage or recrimination as a result of making an appeal.

Appeals must be received no later than 20 working days after the notification of the assessment panel’s decision (the Faculty retains discretion to extend this period and appellants should contact the Faculty Membership Manager at if personal situations require an extension).

There is no fee for making an appeal and receipt of the appeal will be acknowledged within 10 working days.

If the applicant would like to query the administration or conduct of the application process, rather than just the outcome of their application, they must make a complaint rather than an appeal. See the Faculty Complaints policy

Download the full Appeals Policy and form here