Annual General Meeting 2021

Notice of FCI AGM - 13 September

To Fellows and Members and, for information purposes only, Associates

Dear Fellows and Members, 

I have pleasure in notifying you of the Faculty’s second Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Thursday 30th September at 4.30pm. Given the continuing pandemic situation, the Trustee Board has decided to hold the meeting by video conference. The Faculty’s membership conference will also be held on the same date, starting at 1.00pm and you are very welcome to attend both.   

All members of the Faculty, including associates, are able to join the AGM, but only Fellows and Members are entitled to vote.  Details about the arrangements for voting, including online voting in advance of the meeting, will be sent to Fellows and Members in a separate email.  

This letter contains the formal notice of the meeting, which is largely self explanatory. Agenda item 2, however, on changes to the Constitution, needs some additional explanation.  

At the last AGM, members considered and approved proposed changes to the Constitution set out in Resolutions 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7 & 8 of that meeting. The Charity Commission requires any changes to the Constitution to have been agreed by a General Meeting of members, then to be filed within 15 days of that meeting, and following that to be formally accepted by the Commission before the amended Constitution can take effect. Unfortunately, due to an administrative oversight, the Constitution as revised at last year’s AGM was not filed with the Charity Commission within the 15 day limit.

To put the agreed changes into effect, the changes need to be approved again by members and the changes sent to the Charity Commission. Accordingly a single resolution ratifying the previously approved amendments is being put to members in this general meeting.  It needs to be passed by a 75% majority of votes cast by members of the Faculty. The Trustee Board continues to believe the changes are in the best interests of the Faculty and recommends you vote in favour of the resolution.

Yours sincerely.

Dr John Williams 

Chair of Trustee Board 

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